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#904647 by catsilversword
03 Jun 2015, 20:15
Flight to Zurich, late 1960s. No idea which airline, but it was a Cosmos package holiday, so probably a charter. I know we flew from Lydd airport and remember cases being stacked up on some kind of table. Very high tech!!! Also remember my dad saying there was 'nothing to it, you couldn't even feel you were moving'! It was my parents' first flight too. How things have changed!
#904657 by honey lamb
03 Jun 2015, 20:50
Jack Sparrow wrote:
honey lamb wrote:A "Twice around Blackpool Airport and back in time for tea" flight taken long before most of you were born on some dinky little plane. :0

I fell in love with flying on that trip. ^)

not before I was born honey lamb ;)

Did I say "Airport"? ?| I meant Blackpool Tower! :|
#904677 by Bretty
03 Jun 2015, 22:40
1989, I was 19 and flew BA to Jamaica. I remember the plane was huge and we stopped in Nassau for an hour enroute. We were right at the back of the bus and I remember how it shuddered as it took off, I thought the tail was going to rip off! :0

I fell in love with flying then, it was a great thrill. y)
#904740 by Concorde RIP
04 Jun 2015, 16:42
It was 1977...I wasn't even a teenager yet!

Family holiday - package tour with Cosmos (I think!).

Boeing 727 - Tunis Air!

I will never forget the thrill of take off (vfull throttle in those days).

It was that moment that lead to my life long love of aerospace and aviation - I've collected model aircraft ever since, taken every chance to fly whenever I can, follow the industry and even did fluid dynamics as partof my degree.

That flight has a lot to answer for!
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