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#960717 by ColOrd
18 Jan 2023, 00:51
There’s a few of us VFlyers who have dipped their toes into the Sea of Virgin Voyages now.

If you’re looking for a way of dipping in without committing to a whole week or trip to Miami VV are launching a series of fully inclusive taster cruises with flights and bar tab all included exclusively through travel agents. These aren’t bookable online. ... =514377662

Feel free to drop me (or your own TA as I’m not doing this as an advert cos I think it’s a genuinely good offer) a line.
#960738 by ColOrd
26 Jan 2023, 10:05
Oh wow thanks Mike for your kind words!

I will say the current offer for included bar tab is coming to an end on Tuesday, so if anyone on V-Flyer would like any advise or guidance on Voyages just click below.

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