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#960756 by NorthernLad
31 Jan 2023, 17:32
My wife and I joined Flying Club at the same time in December 1999.

On November 4th 2022 (morning) an email said my wife was now Gold.
On November 8th 2022 (morning) an email said I was now Gold.

On Nov 4th (evening) we flew JFK> MAN UC and were awarded different Tier Points.

Whilst booking another flight I mentioned this discrepancy to them and they were as confused as myself why our Gold dates were showing different when we had always taken the same flights - they emailed someone to try and get an answer.

No response to that so I wonder if anyone could say what Tier Points should have been awarded if we were Gold or if we were Silver at the time of the flight.
I have looked for the mileage/tier points table I seem to think once existed, but without success.
#960757 by mikethe3rd
31 Jan 2023, 19:13
Do you mean miles or tier points? Your tier point earnings don’t change… it doesn’t matter if you’re red or gold; only mileage rates vary.

The difference in dates could be put down to the wonderful world of VS IT… I’ve often had flights credit at different times to my partners.

Do you know what booking classes your UC tickets were in? The most logical explanation would be you bought 2 x UC tickets but one of those tickets took the last remaining cheaper fare codes and automatically bumped the other UC ticket into a higher earning fare code.

I’d imagine one of you has got 100 TPs whilst the 200? Maybe one Z ticket and one I. Note: the mileage would also be higher for an I ticket.
#960766 by NorthernLad
01 Feb 2023, 21:53
Thanks for that mikethe3rd.
I appreciate that lesson and it seems it was in fact the mileage that originally was puzzling me.

Both myself and my wife have identical entries to our accounts based on the following flights/ticket class/status

Sept 25 - MAN>MCO I Ticket 10988 miles 200Tier Points Silver
Nov 4th - TPA>JFK Ticket Class Not Shown but Delta Business/First 5304miles 40 Tier Points ??
Nov 4th - JFK >MAN C Ticket 10653 miles 100 Tier Points ??
My wife Nov 4th email Silver to Gold
Myself Nov 8th email Silver to Gold

Do the mileages look correct based on the dates/class/our respective status at the time of the Nov 4 flight.

Just to add they just now gave her 2000 points Birthday Gift - They were two months out mind....
#960775 by mikethe3rd
02 Feb 2023, 15:24
So was it the TPA-JFK leg that should have got you to gold? If so, I’d make it very clear that you were gold after that flight and you’re owed the additional gold boost for the JFK-MAN leg.

I ticket MCO - 200 TPs & 10,988 miles silver OR 13,523 gold.

C ticket JFK - 200 TPs & 17,311 miles silver OR 21,306 gold.

I’d write an email explaining the fare codes and what you should have earned. An I ticket is 200% base miles and a C ticket is 400%. Silver or Gold bonuses are applied last and it’s 30% and 60% respectively. MANJFK base is 3,329 and MANMCO base is 4,226.

The Delta leg looks correct, but I haven’t verified it. Mainly as I’ve exhausted my tolerance for using the Virgin Atlantic website today.

The only bit I’m a little confused by is the C fare code… I’ve never actually seen that one come up. The majority of us are in G, Z & I. Hopefully someone here might know more. Anyway, that shouldn’t matter for what you need to claim.

Hopefully that makes sense.
#960776 by NorthernLad
02 Feb 2023, 19:23
Thank you mikethe 3rd - what an excellent reply.

I knew something wasnt right, but as you infer, Virgin are masters of obscurity whether by design or as most people seem to think, just plain bad IT.

The move to Gold was actually on the Sept 25th MAN>MCO flight based on what I had seen before that flight but that isnt relevant really to what you detailed.

C Class Ticket - It was only when I looked back I saw thats what it was, shown as on my confirmation email.

Now for a lengthy wait for Flying Club to respond.

Many thanks for wading through Virgins wonderland for me, much appreciated.
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