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#960822 by mitchja
09 Feb 2023, 11:04
A good morning from me too also from the LHR Clubhouse. Off to Tampa today on one of the A339’s :cool:

I’m sat in my usual place; up in the loft if you want to say hello :)
#960831 by mikethe3rd
09 Feb 2023, 15:59
Hope your flights are progressing well.

Also keen to hear about the Neo. We booked a last-minute-ish trip last night and the retreat suites were available so we’ve snapped them up. Can’t really find an awful lot online apart from the freebie flyers from the inaugural or a German YouTuber, so I might make a thing from our flight next week.
#960833 by mitchja
09 Feb 2023, 17:02
So far so good on onboard the newest A339 G-VLDY in 4A.

The seat is a hybrid version of both the A350 and the now retired A332 seat (if anyone flew those whilst they were briefly in the VS fleet).

If you want to sit right next to a window, pick an even number as those have the seat right next to the window and the fixed part of the table on the aisle side. The odd numbered seats have the fixed table bit next to the window and the seat next to the aisle.

The movable table pulls out and unfolds from under the fixed table bit.

The suite doors are locked open during takeoff (and I presume landing) and have to be manually unlocked once airborne by the crew.

I’ll post some pics once I get in the ground.

There’s no Boingo WiFi account access unfortunately as the WiFi provider is ViaSat.

No outside tail of belly cams sadly :-(

Before the flight, those 2 Retreat suites open up for sale at T-14 days; £200 each way for TPA which can be selected & paid for either via the VS app or website. Nobody took them up. They get blocked again on the day of departure (I presume they are handed over to airport control). Both Retreat seats have pax in them on this flight now.

Busy flight actually with only ~12 empty seats.

Menu still the same (that’s been going since Nov 22 now). Surely that must be due a refresh soon?
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