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#965682 by Coco42
12 Aug 2022, 09:50
We're flying on Tuesday with VA.
I submitted a request to special assistance back in April, filled in the form they asked me to, but didn't hear anything back. Previously I've always had email confirmation back that my bulkhead seat request for medical reasons has been noted. This time, nothing.
I've tried several more times to contact them, but just get an auto reply. One said they'd contact you no later than 3 days before the flight, another said 48-72 hrs before the flight. So no idea which is actually right. Even tried ringing the main number, but seems to be impossible to actually get through to speak to someone.
My anxiety is off the scale, and getting worse the close we get to the flight and have no contact.
Does anyone know what their procedure is right now? When are they likely to get in touch, and what are my options if they don't?
#965684 by Bluebear
12 Aug 2022, 16:24
Hi we had special assistance a few weeks ago and they contacted us 2 days before as they are understaffed. Try not to worry ( I know easier said than done- we were worried too when didn’t hear back before the 3 day mark) they did call us and were brilliant- sorted everything .
Good luck safe trip

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