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#965730 by mitchja
18 Aug 2022, 09:49
I’m off to Chicago for a few days today via JFK on the VS127.

No false starts on this trip so far thankfully; 3 days before my last planned trip to San Francisco & Palm Springs in late June, I managed to catch COVID >-( (that trip is rescheduled for September).

VS are now using new checkin desks in T2 in the new section which was a complete breeze. I couldn’t OLCI which is probably due to the SSSS on my boarding pass.

Security / fast-track was painless and I was though in under 10mins including getting my bag pulled for secondary and getting pulled for a manual full body scan. I’m guessing that’s all down to the SSSS. I fully expect a bag search at the gate as well before boarding.

The 1903 lounge is pretty much the same as usual.
#965732 by mitchja
18 Aug 2022, 10:42
All the secondary security person did was take a swab of my bag in a few places without removing anything so I don’t think the primary scan picked anything up.

The 1903 lounge is filling up now so the sooner VS open the Clubhouse the better. Whilst there are only 4 VS departures today (2 x MCO’s, ATL and JFK) other airlines do also use the 1903 lounge.

The mobile /cell coverage is still as bad as ever in here. I have 2 lines here on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Vodafone showing 4 bars 3G and EE 1 bar 4G both unusable for data. This from the networks who put prices up by at least 10% every year (likely more like 15%+ going forwards)…..utterly and truly pathetic really considering MAN airport was supposed to be a test bed for Vodafone 5G coverage >-(

WiFi working well now the lounge is quieter.
#965734 by mitchja
18 Aug 2022, 12:33
Onboard G-VWAG and nearly ready to go. Boarded using the newer A gates which makes a pleasant change.

The FSM has already introduced themselves and welcomed me on-board :cool:
#965738 by ScoobySu
18 Aug 2022, 15:59
Hope you have a great trip James!
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