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#965503 by Splatt
26 Jul 2022, 20:43
VS075 wrote:
Splatt wrote:Booked on the VS 4 from JFK on Aug 17. Looks like they’ve taken it off sale, am I to presume it’s one of the flights to get binned. If so what’s next best steps (it’s UC redemption) - proactively contact VS or is it ok to wait it out. Don’t really want to be downgraded. Thanks.

If the service is cancelled/being cancelled, the best thing for it is to wait for them to contact you as they are obliged to offer the option of being rebooked on another flight. It could be fully booked for all we know.

Only if I have to be there by a certain date would I then be a bit more proactive.

Thanks. Def something up as no JFK-LHR VS flights now on sale for 17th Aug. Will standby...
#965562 by lorelai
03 Aug 2022, 16:04
Hello does anyone know when they are likely to post the next lot of cancellations? I had expected it Monday morning given when the last lot were posted but nothing yet. This is making me very anxious haha, given VS7 has featured heavily in the cancellation list. We are due to fly 12/8.
#965739 by Tigerlilly
19 Aug 2022, 11:45
Operational Update - 19 August 2022
Following Heathrow Airport’s decision to extend its passenger capacity cap until 29 October, we are carefully reviewing our schedules. In response to the capacity reduction request, we want to let you know that we’ll be cancelling one London Heathrow – New York JFK rotation between 1 and 15 September. All customers with cancelled flights will be automatically booked on to an alternative service on the same day.

Our schedule change policy allows customers to further amend their flights, should they wish, with no change fees, or request a refund. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to affected customers.

We continue to do everything in our power to minimise disruption, getting our customers to where they need to be smoothly.

Bookings affected by these changes will be updated in your GDS on or before Saturday 20 July 2022. To ensure we don’t cause over sold flights with reprotections, we will be manually moving some customers before 20 July and they may appear differently in your GDS, but these should be actioned by you in the same way.

We sincerely value your partnership and understanding during this busy summer season.

For all other VSbulletin information, please visit Partner Hub.

Baggage Allowance Reminder
We would like to remind you of our baggage allowances and ask that our customers are advised correctly. Please note that these vary by route and include maximum weight allowances. Further information can be found here

Covid Flex Policy – Updates to Open Tickets
We have updated the information we require when reissuing an open ticket. Please visit Partner Hub to view the full policy
#965743 by steve7612
19 Aug 2022, 18:45
Arg I suspect I’m on one of the flights cancelled, I noticed yesterday most seats in PE open up and thought brilliant I’ll move to a better seat. Can’t find my flight when doing a new booking even though there are seats when I look through my booking. I’m guessing I’m one of the ones being manually reallocated! There doesn’t appear to be any more PE seats on the other flight so does that mean I’m getting bumped down?
#965841 by VS075
30 Aug 2022, 11:52
christ0r wrote:Surely VS must be regretting abandoning LGW. Given the risk this may reoccur next summer, I would hope they're looking into a return ASAP?

To be honest, given the increase of LHR slots VS now have combined with the operational efficiencies that come with operation out of one London airport, I don't think VS will return to LGW for this reason. I'm sure VS and other airlines will be holding LHR's feet to the fire to ensure they address the issues that are leading to the scenes we've seen this summer with lost/delayed luggage, queues and enforced cancellations, though I agree its their reputation that will ultimately go down the pan (and others).

I predicted some time ago that VS will only return to LGW if/when they fully use up their LHR slots. Given they're still to return to a couple of destinations combined with getting more slots, I think we will be waiting a while. LHR have an 80/20 "use it or lose it" policy with slots, however you would think that's not being enforced where LHR have mandated cancellations. The old Clubhouse at LGW has been leased out and I don't think they have a hangar there anymore (there was a pic on a VS vintage Instagram page some time ago of the signage being taken down), plus I suspect anyone employed at LGW has been let go or moved elsewhere within VS.
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