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#960608 by dmc
19 Dec 2022, 15:52

Does anyone know if Delta's forthcoming access policy changes for Sky Club are going to change anything for Virgin gold members from next February?

The changes are set out here: ... s-changes/

I'm wondering if this means Gold members won't have access to Sky Club lounges when flying with Virgin/Delta internationally in Economy/Premium?

#960612 by evanspa1
21 Dec 2022, 23:00
According to the article you link to it implies nothing will change for VS Gold;

Additionally, Delta Gold, Platinum and Diamond Medallions will be barred from entering the lounge unless they're flying internationally on a Premium Select, Delta One, SkyTeam premium economy or business-class ticket, as of Feb. 2.

(Note that this cabin restriction does not apply to SkyTeam Elite Plus members of other alliance member airlines who want to use the Sky Club. Additionally, all long-haul business-class customers, regardless of elite status, will continue to enjoy Sky Club access with their tickets.)
#960739 by Razorback
26 Jan 2023, 14:19
If I am flying First on Delta domestically connecting onto VS UC to the UK can I confirm that I can use Sky Club at both my originating airport (MEM) and connecting airport (ATL)?

Looking through the current Sky Club terms it looks as if you can, as a VS UC passenger, and this should continue once VS become part of Sky Team? Thanks
#960740 by mitchja
26 Jan 2023, 15:38
Yes - the DL SkyClub entry rules for VS UC connecting DL domestic flights (either from or to VS International flights) are not changing.

Neither is the being able to use a Platinum AmEx card to gain entry to any SkyClub regardless of if your are connecting to VS, though you must still be flying DL.
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