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#960751 by sjcraythorne
31 Jan 2023, 09:34
Hi All,
Would like to tap into your vast flying experience.

I'll be travelling back to Manchester T2 on Virgin VS74 in August, due to arrive 12:15pm. I need an onward flight to Belfast. Do you think a 3:10pm Easyjet flight is too soon? Easyjet fly out of T1, and I would need to collect baggage and drop bags etc.

Many thanks, Steve
#960753 by mitchja
31 Jan 2023, 11:36
You should be OK with that. Having walked from T3 to T2 the other week, that took me about 25mins so T1 will be a little less as that walk is via T1.

T2 and T1 are linked directly via the walkway bridge, however, none of the travelators were working in either direction when I was there a few weeks ago.

Last time I arrived at MAN off a the VS128 in J last year, it was relatively painless which included a remote stand arrival and bus to terminal, quick to get though immigration (and that included my usual getting booted out of the e-gates which always happens with me) and not too long to wait for bags either. A/C to car in T2 multi-storey west car park in under an hour.
#960759 by sjcraythorne
01 Feb 2023, 07:43
Thanks James for taking the time to reply. I think I'll take the risk and book it. We'll be in PE, so in theory should get to immigration early, even though I'll have a child with us and need to use the proper gates.
Many thanks again.
#960762 by allenby
01 Feb 2023, 12:31

last time I went thru MAN I asked when the travelators would be fixed

it appears they arent broken...

was told they switched them off during covid to save $$ and never turned them back on....

thats why ALL of them arent running
#960768 by VS075
01 Feb 2023, 22:30
I can't remember the time when all travelators linking T1 and T2 together via the Station were fully working, even before COVID. There was always at least one switched off or closed for maintenance.

That said, with the price of electric being what it is it doesn't surprise me if they're trying to save a few quid, even though they really should be working.
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