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#960767 by VS075
01 Feb 2023, 22:28
Just thought I'd share a link to this interview that I found with Alex McEwan, VS country head for South Asia: - ... l-network/

Some interesting comments in there. One part that stood out for me was about MAN. Confirmed that MAN-DEL/BOM isn't on the agenda anytime soon, which isn't surprising, though he goes on to say about "challenges" at MAN without elaborating further.

I think he's underestimating things a bit with his comment about people simply travelling down to LHR instead. I get the interview is probably aimed towards a non-UK audience, however it's 3-4hrs by road from the North West at best and, going east, there's a lot of one-stop options including triple daily Emirates flights with A380s and the A380 returning to BHX and GLA this year too. All of that makes going via LHR redundant for a lot of people unless they will only fly BA or VS or with an airline that only served LHR.

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