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#963565 by ColOrd
15 Jan 2022, 12:02
Heya guys

Through some cancellations I have £1000 of Delta ECredits that I need to book before September.

Obviously the booking needs to be through and will be Delta Ticketed.

Ideally I’d buy something in Premium and then upgrade it to Upper using my VS miles, but I suspect that is not possible as it’s a Delta ticket?

If I end up using it on KLM/AF via Delta, would it still earn miles/TPs as long as my FC account is linked?
#963568 by mitchja
15 Jan 2022, 14:19
It's a no to being able to upgrade DL booked flights using VS points unfortunately.

Essentially, to be able to upgrade any fare using Virgin points your flight must have a VS flight number; which you won't get booking via a partner airline.

One thing to watch when booking using Delta for Premium Economy flights is if it's a Premium Select A fare on DL metal that will earn 200% points + 100 TP's, however if you are on VS metal that same Premium A fare only earns the lower rate of 150% miles + 50 TP's as VS maps a DL booked A fare to their own VS H Premium Economy fare.

I'm not 100% sure about AF/KLM flight booked via DL? I would think they will as they will still get DL flight numbers?
#963569 by ColOrd
15 Jan 2022, 15:08
Thanks Mitchja, makes sense and confirmed what I suspected!

That tip about the TPs might be useful though to maximise them, although I’m not looking at travelling in W anyway!

Looking at fares through i think I’ll just purchase a flat out revenue booking in Upper (maybe even try DL one in one direction!) and use the credits to discount the fare.

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