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#965189 by Jaydun
29 Jun 2022, 20:05
Does anyone have any experience of transferring points from Amex Gold Reward Card (UK) to Virgin Flying Club.
I’m 7K miles short of the points I need in my Flying Club account.
I’ve already transferred these from Amex Rewards but the points have not appeared several hours later (Amex State 30 minutes) I’ve not had a confirmation email either. Though have a reference number and the Amex points have been deducted.
Desperate not to loose the reward flights I want I am considering purchasing the miles on Virgin Atlantics web site. Does anyone know how long it takes for points purchased in this way take to appear in your account.
Finally if I call flying club would they sell me the point on the phone and/or hold the reward flights while the points are credited.
Any advice or experience of this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
#965190 by mitchja
29 Jun 2022, 20:27
If you have done it before, AmEx MR to VS takes under 10 minutes! It's almost instant.

I've done 3 MR transfers recently, all took < 10 mins each time.

I believe it can take longer though the very first time you do a MR transfer.
#965195 by Jaydun
29 Jun 2022, 21:57
Just an update on this, I contacted Amex via online chat.
Very helpful agent explained my account and transfer were stuck on pending.
He offered to cancel that request and resubmit it.
Took all my details and the points appeared in my flying club account almost the minute he confirmed the transaction.
Happy Bunny.

Thanks again for the advice
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