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VS041 LHR-SFO 6 MAY 19 (Upper Class)

PostPosted: 28 May 2019, 21:02
by vic110
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
This was the start of our 3 week road trip to California to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary. We flew down from Manchester the night before and had a very lovely stay at The Renaissance Hotel. We ordered a taxi from the hotel which took us to the drive through check in which was great and very quick. Quickly through security and into the clubhouse which was a great place to spend a couple of hours. Finally got to try a redhead - which was very nice. :-D
My Husband signed up for the credit card as they were offering a 45,000 miles bonus. ( next upper class upgrade ;-) )
We boarded on time, our 1st time on a 787, the crew were very attentive and were always coming through the cabin offering drinks. The food was great, we both had the chicken pie which was very tasty. The time past very quickly and I have to say was the 787 is a great plane and we didn't feel as tired or jet lagged when we arrived. The lighting is also good and I found the seat comfortable but my hubby felt it was quite small, but he is quite tall. More food was offered about 2 hrs before landing. I had the afternoon tea and really enjoyed the new sandwiches while my Hubby had the burger which he said was great. It was a very smooth flight (unlike our return flight) and immigration didn't take very long. This was probably our best flight ever with fantastic crew and such a smooth flight.