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VS103 LHR-ATL 30 JAN 19 (Upper Class)

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2019, 22:33
by Murraymint
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
Part 2
Up early at the Sofitel to head to T3 for our flight to Atlanta. I had booked a car with London Heathrow cars which arrived bang on time. I wanted the whole Upper Class Wing experience so had asked to be dropped there. Unfortunately the driver had never been there and drove straight past it- fortunately we had seen the sign and he went around again to drop us there. Very smooth check in and off to our first experience of the clubhouse. We had known what to expect from reading past travel reports but it really impressed. Eggs Benedict and a couple of redheads later we were ready to head down to the gate where G- VYOU was waiting. I had a bit of a panic the previous day when checking in and hadn’t noticed that one of our seats had been changed. After an online chat, I was told that nothing could be done this close to flight time and to speak to airport staff. Not sure I believed that so called the Flying Club. Nice lady said she thought the seat had been changed for “balancing” but was able to sort out 2 seats that suited us.

Boarded the aircraft and guess what- someone was sitting in the seat I had originally booked! No worries, glass of bubbly arrived and we settled into a great flight with excellent crew. Landed on time and were through immigration in 5 mins, cases dropped off for the Delta flight to MSY and 3 hours to spare. Part 3 coming up.....