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#951690 by Suze9320
08 Aug 2019, 13:44
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First flight in Upper Class so was very excited. At check in Upper Class seemed to be used for parties with children so had to wait around 25 minutes. Then we had a slight issue due to a schedule change which meant original flight tickets were not being produced. A further wait while that was sorted out on the phone. The priority pas through security was very welcome though and was very useful for August in Manchester. Entered the Escape Plus lounge - it’s very small and the bathroom is outside of the lounge but the staff were very pleasant. Hot breakfast had reasonable choice but needs to be kept hotter. They had a decent selection of drinks.
Then onto boarding - lines were chaotic but we were boarded very quickly although I was randomly chosen for the additional security search.
This was one of the A330-200 planes. We had booked 3E and 3F known as the Love Suite. I liked the seat. It had a good recline on it and the TV screen was an excellent size. I did use the TV a couple of times / it was far enough away and is fixed so you needed the pointer. I found the pointer Difficult to use and seemed a bit old fashioned. Gave up in the end.
We had pre ordered the main meal and that came as ordered. It was all nicely presented and was tasty but I found the menu just a tad under whelming. Maybe I like basic but What is wrong with one meal having a good old standard roast or mashed potato.
The cabin crew were very good and very attentive.
I liked the face that the seat went to a bed at the flick of a switch and you don’t have to flip it over. All the seats faced forward. It’s a bit tight getting in and out but if you are on this configuration in future I think it works well. Although would prefer the Love suite if you are in a couple or by the window if alone.
The toilets were the sane as economy with nicer toiletries.
All in all I slept for 3 hours on a plane. Never been known before so on that basis alone it was worth upgrading.
Upper class on Virgin at the right price is a great product and despite my minor niggles would go it again in a heartbeat.
Will be coming back on a 747 so am looking forward to comparing the seats and a different configuration.

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