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VS155 LHR-LAS 2 JUL 19 (Upper Class)

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2019, 10:21
by JRVanillaBear
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
Long overdue trip report, my apologies.

This was my first experience ever in Upper Class and weirdly my first actual flight to America without my parents. Odd fact for you.

My partner and I stayed at the Rennaisance the night before as we planned to get up and head over to the Clubhouse fairly early. Rannaisance was nice. Had a good view of the runways and the parking on site worked well.

We got a cab over to the UC section and went through the 'drive-thru' check in. The staff were amazing and had us through and to the clubhouse in less that 20 minutes, which blew our minds. We got to the Clubhouse for just after opening and it was fairly quiet. Headed over to the treatments area and got a trim and a style booked in respectively.

The lady came and found us a little later and asked if we minded moving our appointment back an hour as they wanted to book some people in who had earlier flights than us and we said it was fine. Didn't make any odds to us, but she was very thankful and very polite!

We spent the rest of the time in the Clubhouse sampling the different areas and foods. A quick list of all the food we had (I can eat like a champion). Cinnamon Swirl, Croissant, Eggs Royale (eggs were a little undercooked), Hot Chocolate, Bacon Rolls, Champers (of course), Eggs Florentine, Full English, plate of Anti Pasta and then when Lunch rolled around, Cheesburger, Gyoza, Broccoli and Goats Cheese Quiche and of course, the Cookies. We also sampled the Virgin Redhead! Which was lovely. All the food was quick and very tasty so our overall conclusion was that the Clubhouse is amazing.

Our flight got pushed back an hour because they were late landing and it takes them a while to service the whole plane, so we got time to play some pool and check out the 'balcony'.

Boarding was super smooth and quick and before we knew it, we were settled down in our seats with a glass of bubbly. Ruby Murray was looking wonderful. There didn't seem to be anything wrong or particularly worn, apart from the noise my chair made when going up, sounded like it was trying to take off (ironic), but still worked perfectly.

The staff onboard were fantastic the whole flight. They generally left my wife and I alone as we were both engrossed in the films but were always on hand when we needed anything. The food was fantastic, we had Seared Prawns to start, which were massive, I had the Braised Beef and the wife had the Honey Roasted Chicken. Both were really nice. Dessert was White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse for my wife and as I didn't like either options I declined, but the flight attendant magically appeared with a couple of chocolate bars for me a little later, which was amazing!

The rest of the flight was perfect. Generally we were amazed by everything. The size of the toilets. The turn down beds. I caught a few hours sleep and so did the wife. Only downside was that they ran out of ice.

Landed in Las Vegas pretty much dead on time and was off the plane, through security and bags collected within half hour. Our bags were one of the first off which always brings a smile to my face.

And we still had the return leg from Miami to go!

Re: VS155 LHR-LAS 2 JUL 19 (Upper Class)

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2019, 13:58
by buns
Thanks for a wonderful TR.

Your sense of enjoyment of both the Clubhouse and the flight on your very first UC Flight shines through!!

Makes me want to get out to LAS one again - a trip I have not done since VS movedthe flights from Gatwick to Heathrow

Hope your flight back was just as good


Re: VS155 LHR-LAS 2 JUL 19 (Upper Class)

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2019, 15:00
by JRVanillaBear
It was certainly an experience that will not be forgotten in a long time. Sadly one that may also not be repeated for a long time!

Security and Baggage claim at LAS was the quietest of any airport I have ever been too and was very quick to get through. The roads on the way out leave a little to be desired though, a bit confusing for having just landed and started driving!!

Flight back TR will be up soon, once I get round to typing it out!