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VS122 BOS-MAN 28 SEP 19 (Upper Class)

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2019, 19:41
by nickw
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
After 10 days in New England I flew back to MAN last night. The check in area and queue was empty, I sailed through and I was in the security line within a couple of minutes. Got through security really fast then headed up to the Clubhouse. I even managed some banter with the TSA agents on the way through, which is a first for me.

Once in there I realised most tables had a menu for breakfast on them. I asked the waitress for a daytime one but she insisted on telling me what was available instead of fetching the correct menu. She told me about various dishes. None of them took my fancy but I went with an assortment of Asian style dumplings. They came served with rice and veg. Honestly not very nice and I’ve been really rough since (although couldn't tie it to the dumplings the only other thing I ate yesterday was a grilled cheese sandwich, so...) Later on a new menu was placed on the table, I had a look and a few things on there weren’t mentioned when she told me what was available. Very annoying. The menu was still poor though imo.

After an hour in the lounge I went for a wander in the terminal. I got stuck in the lift back up to the terminal building from the Clubhouse (the lift on the right - avoid it!) after pressing the door open button probably 20+ times an alarm started going off and the doors opened a short time later. I hopped into the other lift and made it successfully to the gate level.

Last time I flew from BOS I moaned about gate organisation and missing the Upper Class call. This time I was at the gate and I might have to revise my opinion - I think they’re just super, super organised. As soon as Upper and gold card members are called, they’re on - then onto Premium customers etc. So basically if you’re in the lounge, you don’t stand a chance of getting to the gate before everyone boards (even without a dodgy lift!) so on that basis, I’ll be hanging about the gate around boarding time in future at BOS.

Once on board the cabin crew were very polite, CSM said hi. Plane was very clean, so was my seat and surrounding area.

We were off the blocks a few minutes early which was nice, and on our way in no time at all.

I declined dinner and went straight to sleep, but filled out my breakfast card so the crew knew what I fancied when I woke up. Breakfast was served, the bacon butty with brown sauce definitely hit the spot.

We soon started our descent and I was off the plane and through immigration quickly. Had to wait quite a while for our bags, the baggage hall was incredibly busy with all belts in use, there were a couple of other Virgin flights just landed, along with some Thomas Cook repatriation flights, and some other wide-bodies from the East.

After a 45 min or so wait, my bags came out and I was straight through to collect my cart at T2 M&G, where they put it in such a tight spot I had to perform a circus act to get in the drivers seat, and I scuffed all my alloys trying to get it out. Won’t be doing that again!

All in all a decent flight and experience, it reminds me why I like flying Virgin and I’m already looking forward to my next trip... just not sure where or when.

For the first time ever after an East Coast red eye, I didn’t go to sleep when I got home and I’ve been up all day pottering around. Absolutely knackered now, so time for bed I think!