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#953405 by Rainbowpantsjay
16 Dec 2019, 18:53
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It all went wrong from the moment we checked in. A new member of staff who didn't have a clue about luggage allowance and could barely speak a word of English made the whole process very slow and not the red carpet treatment you would expect. No conversation skills and was a struggle for her to understand us.

40 mintue wait to get through TSA, there was 4 flights back to UK and also a Luthansa 747 along with many Delta flights amongst others.

Eventually in the Delta Sky lounge and the only way to describe it is a nursing home in need of being ripped down and rebuilt.
Extremely uncomfortable chairs, no tables to place things in unless you sit round the bar or TV area which are dark, dingy and loud (several Americans doing business over the phone who seem to think that they have to shout to be heard)
The buffet offering was shockingly bad and unless you like curry or chilli in everything, even the cheesse chunks where stuffed with chilli, you will be stuck with some humous and stale crackers.
The bar is a shambles, premium lounge this is not. If you want a cocktail (gin, tonic and some fruit puree) then it's an extra £10 dollars? Also premium spirits where also chargeable for money or ponts. I thought that a lounge was somewhere special that you relax before your flight and a bit of added luxury due to the cost of flying upper not a weatherspoons!
Got a seat next to the window to then realise that they have covered it in white stripe stickers so you can't see out!

Boarding was delayed 20 minutes and I had been looking forward to trying out the upper on the A330 200, I wish I had went back ont he 330 300 or the 747. As soon as I walked in to the cabin it was a huge disappointment. The aisle is very narrow and the cabin felt dark and cramped.
Once settled in my seat it had its pros and cons.
The seat it's self had enough space and the TV was a brilliant size.
The seat however was so uncomfortable, it was hard and lumpy and once in bed mode it became even worse. The end of the seat that meets with the foot rest did not line up so there was a massive lumpy ridge.
Then came the service. >-( the crew hated the aircraft and it showed. The service was slow, took over 2 hours to do dinner service and I skipped dessert to try speed things up. I had to ask one member of the crew 3 times to bring me a glass of ice.
No Champagne and was served prosecco
The toilet was so small and cramped and was out of soap most of the flight, even though I told a crew member not long after we where at crusing alt. Curtains between cabins remained open so a full UC and premium had two toilets to share which are the dirtiest toilets I have ever seen on a plane. The floor was covered in urine and dirt.

Dinner itself was bland and tasteless compare to the amazing food we had the way over.
I had salmon mouse to start, fillet steak with mash and green beans then a cheese plate.
The cabin was unbearable to sit in as the heat was immense, luckily I had brought a usb desk fan.
Was first to ask for a sleep suit and that took 10 mintues to arrive as they could not find them. Only large available no small for me but done the job.

Arrived into Glasgow 10 mintues early and was first off along with luggage.
To sum this up I shall never fly the 330 200 again. The glossy pictures look great but in reality it's an old heap of horse dung that should not be flying.
Virgin need to retire these asap as it's not just the passengers who don't like the aircraft it's the crew as well and it shows These aircraft where a complete waste of VS money.

Roll on the 330 neo and 350 coming into service so these old birds can be retired.

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