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#954293 by EmmaPeel007
15 Feb 2020, 18:29
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We set off from Los Angeles to London to see our daughter who's been studying abroad since September and visit with good friends. We used all of our available miles to upgrade to Premium Economy since this was the first trip we were taking alone to England and we wanted it to be special.

Leaving on a Wednesday afternoon meant that there was almost no line to check in and getting through customs was a breeze. LAX Terminal 2 is pretty boring, but what are you gonna do?

There was some issue with getting the cargo loaded (malfunctioning machinery) so we were late for take off, but the pilot was sure we could make up a lot of time in the air - and he was right.

It had been just over two years since we first flew Premium Economy to London and we were looking forward to stretching out a bit. I booked 25A and 25C so we could happily recline without bugging anyone in back of us.

The first impression I had of the aircraft was that it looked tired. The armrest on my seat seemed to be broken, and the tethered remote to the entertainment unit was malfuntioning, but not enough to stop me from watching movies.

The cabin crew really made it up for it though. They were awesome. Bubbly drinks immediately, always kind, even though they are there first and foremost to make sure the passegers are safe they always make you feel welcome and special.

The flight itself was pretty smooth - hardly any turbulence.

We landed in London and getting through customs was a breeze.

All in all, it was a good flight and if we can swing it I would definitely fly Premium Economy again.

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