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#961991 by AlsirAl
20 Sep 2021, 13:52
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With all recent changes around the traffic light system and Jamaica highly anticipated to be moved “red” the relief we felt on Friday afternoon when it stayed amber was immense. We finished packing and got a lift up to Heathrow. Stayed in the Hilton Garden in Inn T2/3. Lovely hotel with runway views and great rooftop bar with ok food , pricey drinks and amazing views of the airport. Would recommend it highly if your on an early flight (8am departure for us).

Alarm went of at 5 am and after about 4 changes to our original booking first made 2 years ago it was finally time to go flying! We used the underground walkway that connects t2 and t3 and it took less than 10 mins with use of travelators. Check in wasn’t too busy, our tests and authority to travel docs were checked and then pointed over to the prem desk as there was no que there. There was an issue checkin in as we had been “red flagged due a partial refund be issued on our tickets” a quick phone call from the desk agent to someone sorted it out no problem.

Dedicated security was closed but there was no waiting at that time in the morning. We hung about duty free for a bit to kill some time as the clubhouse doesn’t open until 6:30. With most of the shops closed and no interest in perfume whiskey or sunglasses, we headed to the clubhouse a 6:10 and just chilled on the sofa. About 10 mins later the shutter rolled up and we received the most lovely warm welcome by the clubhouse staff, all super apologetic for not been able to open sooner for us! We were given a quick update of changes to the club house and got a table behind the bar (swinging chair with a view!)
Service was fantastic and we used a mixture of app ordering and waiter service, coffee and a Buck’s Fizz was just what we needed to start the holiday. We moved over to the dining area for breakfast and had our usual eggs benny which was top notch as you would expect.
Over all I really couldn’t fault the clubhouse experience, apart from the wearing of masks it didn’t “feel” any different overall, food and staff 1st class as per pre covid.
Before we knew it “head to gate” popped up on the board and off we went to gate 18 (about 6 mins from club house) boarding was delayed by about 5 mins but no worries, minutes later we were welcomed back and shown to our seats. UC was very empty with only about 9 paying pax and 2 crew on shuttle. There were empty seating in between everyone which was reassuring.
The usual welcome drinks were offered and we began to settle in to classic 787 seat. Crew were super friendly and generous with top ups which helped with about an hour delay due some one being sick last minute and getting another member of crew out. Finally pushed back at 9am and we were up in the air by 9:20 (another slight delay due to runway inspection).

Once the seatbelt signs were off the real service began, both the UC crew came and introduced themselves separately and both stayed for a chat. It was time for the first drinks service, the physical menu has been greatly reduced but the crew were more than happy to make up cocktails with ingredients they had and explain the wine list. After a couple g&t,s it was time for some food. Same menu as shown on the trip report before this one (my photos pale in comparison so won’t be posting them.) everything presented on 1 tray apart from the main that was hand delivered plated shortly after. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food, I really enjoyed all of it and didn’t leave a crumb!

After lunch the crew went on rest and the new guys came and said hello, again super friendly and happy to hang around and chat (maybe helped by everyone being asleep). Got some duty free purchases sorted and then flipped the seat, stole an extra set of bedding and a couple of extra pillows to make a super comfortable arrangement to relax and watch some tv. “Tiger” was a very interesting documentary about tiger woods rise to success and the influence from his father.

Had a little nap and then was time for some afternoon tea. Again all tasty and no complaints! (I think you can tell I’m no budding food critic ;p )

Had a great approach into Jamaica and kinda wished we had been in K rather than A for the view but i did enjoy watching the sea get ever closer and then suddenly, land and the runway out of no where. Got in about 20 mins after scheduled arrival time and breezed through automatic arrival machines and customs.

Overall a 10/10 adventure from VS with the staff playing the most important part in that, both on the ground and in the air, can’t wait for my next flight =D
#962025 by ColOrd
21 Sep 2021, 12:12
It's so nice to be able to read trip reports again! Glad you had a good trip and enjoy Jamaica!

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