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#950745 by vic110
05 Jun 2019, 21:20
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This is actually a trip report from LAX to MAN but I couldn’t find the flight number in the drop down box.

We were on a refurbished 330-200 which I was looking forward to trying and this was the 1st flight on this route. We spent the morning at Long Beach having a look at The Queen Mary which was an enjoyable way to spend our last few hours in California. We made our way to the airport and check in was very efficient and quick. One of our bags was actually overweight :-O (33kgs) but our other bags were underweight, so it wasn’t a problem, the check in staff didn’t bother at all. – This was due to the fact we had a full set of wheels for my husband’s mustang in our cases. (my husband swears it saved him a lot of money). :D
We were soon through security and spent an enjoyable few hours in the clubhouse. It’s quite small but very nice with lots of comfy seats. We enjoyed the food and drinks and the staff were very attentive and made sure we had lots to drink. They made a bit of a fuss when they called boarding as this was the 1st flight to Manchester. Boarding was quick and we were soon offered champagne and shown how the seat works. This new cabin felt a little cramped but it was better having forward facing seats where you can actually look out of the window. I had a window seat which was great and felt very private. The seat was very comfy and was much better being able to recline the seat rather than having to turn it over. The reclined seat was very comfy so I never actually lay it flat. The entertainment system was great and had a large touch screen. My husband was sat in an aisle seat which wasn’t as good due to him being constantly knocked whenever someone walked past. The middle 2 seats (love seats) would probably be better if travelling as a couple. The seat was not that long when fully reclined so my hubby struggled when it was in fully flat but then he is 6ft 4. The Crew were fantastic as always, frequently walking through the cabin offering drinks.
About an hour into the flight they commenced the dinner service and then the turbulence started. The seat belt sign came on and it was very bumpy for a while. I couldn’t eat anything as I’m not great when the plane is bouncing around. The crew took my starter away untouched, but it looked very nice, she asked if I wanted to wait a little for my main course, which I did. The turbulence did stop after a while and the seat belt sign was turned off (for now!) so they brought my main course. Almost immediately it began bouncing around again, and pretty much bounced home. The seat belt sign was on most of the way home then. Apparently, it was very windy, and I saw some lightening out the window (which I then very quickly closed). Most others in the cabin managed to lie down and sleep but I just watched some films. I never manage to sleep on a plane, so I’ve given up trying. The FSM was constantly walking through the cabin and kept me going with many cups of tea and lot of plain biscuits as I didn’t manage to eat anything. I did end up wearing most of one of the mugs of tea though due to the turbulence though!!
Breakfast was served about 90mins before landing and I managed a bowl of cornflakes which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think most people had opted to sleep through. The seat belt sign came off for the last hour or so. Landing was very smooth – actually the smoothest part, and we arrived about 30 minutes early. Not my best flight but this was due to the turbulence rather than the crew. I do hope this route becomes permanent as we need more routes like this from Manchester and hopefully there will be a clubhouse in Manchester soon.

Thanks for reading.
#950746 by SlimpyJones
06 Jun 2019, 04:39
Thanks very much for the TR! Always nice to see a Manchester one, especially an inaugural flight :-)
For what it's worth you can edit your post and change the thread title to the VS182 LAX-MAN. Hopefully the flight will appear in the list soon.

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