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27 Jun 2019, 06:17
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When I lived in Scotland we always used GLA - MCO for our annual Orlando trip with the occasional drive to MAN if we couldn’t find reward seats. Now that we’re living in Cyprus, we can choose whichever is available between LGW, MAN and GLA and fly over to connect. For the second year in a row it was MAN so we came over on Thursday for the Saturday flight. 2 reasons- the flights back to the UK from Cyprus are usually scheduled late in the day, often arriving well after midnight and secondly we’re always concerned that a plane will go tech or be delayed so much that the crew run out of hours and it stays in Cyprus overnight. I won’t do a trip report on EasyJet Paphos to MAN as there’s not much to say.

Anyway, we usually stay at the Hilton at MAN so on Saturday the shuttle bus took us over to T2. It was absolutely tipping it down, so the driver dropped us at the station and we walked across the link bridge instead of getting soaked walking from the bus stop to the terminal. Check in was smooth and we headed to security. I honestly think that MAN is one of the worst for delays through security- they seemed to be searching every second carryon and I’ve noticed this a few times there.

Anyway, up to the escape lounge which was apparently going to be full so we were asked not to take up a table for 4 when there was just the 2 of us. Fair enough, but the lounge never really filled up.

Down to the gate where Pretty Woman was waiting. Usual queue was forming but the gate staff were ushering the Upper passengers to the front and boarded fairly quickly. Settled in to our favourite seats 6A and K with a glass of bubbly. Everything seemed to be going to schedule (400 people on board which seems busy for end of April) but just as we approached leaving time the Captain announced that they were having some problems in the hold. Apparently some of the rollers weren’t working and they were struggling to position the containers to get the load balanced. It took an hour to get them sorted.

Once in the air, the flight was smooth with a great cabin crew. I had preselected the meal from the email they sent out and it was very good.

Landed about 45 mins late and saw that the first LGW flight had beaten us in. However, as we taxied to the terminal VS73 and 71 were coming in just behind us. No time was wasted disembarking, however we still had to queue for an hour at immigration. Goodness knows how long the last people off 71 had to wait. Wasn’t helped that only 7 officers were processing the queue.

Our luggage was waiting next to the belt and we headed over to Alamo. I normally use Hertz or Avis but their prices were crazy. Walked down the standard SUV line and there was only some Hyundai Santa Fe and Dodge Journey models but at the last minute a GMC Acadia pulled in with N. Carolina plates. I thought it might be a high miler but it only had 2,000 miles on the clock and was in great condition- even had WiFi.

Headed to the exit and we were soon at our rental villa.

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