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#952268 by nickw
19 Sep 2019, 23:26
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Flew on this service yesterday. Not too much to report, except checkin was a bit disorganised and the Upper Class checkin was closing just as I walked up (over 3 hours before my flight).

The ladies ushering people to checkin desks asked me to go to premium but there was a couple there queuing already so I let them go first, otherwise it would have just been awkward. Had to wait 10 mins or so to check in, not the end of the world.

Security was OK. After flying VS lots from MAN I’ve learned to bin off the “priority” security lane and just go through normal security which is quicker with no prams/young kids.

The “Escape Plus” lounge at MAN is an absolute joke. It’s small, it’s a bit depressing and the food/drink selection is crap. I left after 10 mins.

Decided to work out which plane we were on then locate it at the gate. The plane was at the furthest possible gate right at the end of the new pier. Can’t be short of a mile walk, maybe even more? I arrived in plenty of time, spent an hour waiting then boarding commenced.

Didn’t get a welcome as I got on the plane but the crew member looking after me and CSD swung by later on to say hi. There was a used nose strip (for snoring) on my foot stool, and two more unused ones down the side. Pretty gross.

Flight was uneventful. Service was good, food was good. Didn’t use the entertainment but had a good sleep for three hours or so.

Landed into BOS full of dread. Last time it took ages to get on stand, the hours queuing for immigration. This time we were straight on stand and through immigration in under 90 secs. Looks like they’re using the automated machines again.

Bags took a long time to come through and the carousel was changed as the original one was broken. My “priority” bags were last off. There were lots of border guards with dogs pacing the joint, was hoping they’d pull me, so I could test my charm. No such luck.

Straight onto the transfer bus and another long queue before driving to Burlington.

A fairly clinical experience. I really don’t like those ex-AB planes or cabins even after the refurb. First world problems though, I arrived safe, well fed and rested after all.

Can’t wait until MAN gets a clubhouse...
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#952269 by mitchja
20 Sep 2019, 00:12
Thanks for the TR - pretty much summed up my experience on this route a few weeks ago now even down to the rubbish being left in the seat area from the previous flight >-(

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