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#954160 by David1946
07 Feb 2020, 13:12
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It is that time of year for our annual trip to Naples, Florida for some warm sunshine. As usual we overnighted in the Radisson Blue .

Monday morning down the corridor and speedy check in and on to Security. Priority lane wasn't too bad, only 1 pushchair, and the into a fairly empty Escape lounge. Advised that our ride was on A10 in the New part of the terminal, so after some breakfast we set off on the 15 minute walk. Passed a long queue waiting to board VS75 in the old part and then a view of 3 VS aircraft, a747, 332 and our 333, Miss Sunshine which seemed quite appropriate.

Boarding commenced and we pushed back 10 minutes early and actually left the ground at our official leaving time. Upper was full , appeared to be about 90% business people, and PE looked to be as well. I didn't venture further back and we weren't told the load figures.

The flight was fine and the crew excellent, as normal. The FSM introduced herself as did others of the crew.and she helped with the service in the Upper Class cabin. As Buns said in his report there was an additional dish of sausage and mash on the menu which wasn't on the email 're ordering. We both had the crabcakes which were good. I thought the wine choice not as good featuring a French, Spannish or Crete rather than S American but that's only my personal prefrence. The lack of any beef product was disappointing.

Arrival into ATL was 30 mins early. The Immigration Hall was fairly empty but with our GE we were through within 5 mins of leaving the aircraft and waiting for our luggage .

We then had 90 mins for a leisurely walk to the next terminal E for our onward Delta flight to RSW. This again was fine. We picked up car and were in our hotel by 8.15pm.

All in all a good trip and now for some beach and warm sunshine .
#954165 by buns
07 Feb 2020, 15:00
Thanks for the TR (and the mention :D ). I have to say changing at ATL is a more calming experience than most US Airports

Have a greT time in Naples and hope you got through last night’s storm OK


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