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#963457 by mitchja
09 Jan 2022, 10:23
Whilst I've still not stayed there, the TWA Hotel is still on my list. It's the nearest hotel as it sits in a former terminal building atJFK.
#963460 by ColOrd
09 Jan 2022, 11:35
TWA is incredible! It’s any AvGeeks haven, both in terms of design and what they have done with the terminal, but if you get a Runway view room thé views are stunning. Head up to Level 8 for the runway view pool and bar!

That being said - it’s not cheap and I’ve noticed they have upped their prices quite a bit for the Runway view rooms!

The JFK hilton has a shuttle bus operating to the terminals (but you need to get the air train to Federal Circle to get the bus to the hotel!) and is normally reasonably priced! Ive stayed there quite a bit and would recommend!
#963469 by Janeclar
09 Jan 2022, 14:38
We stayed at the Crowne Plaza at JFK in November. I would not recommend - the room was ok but the food available in the restaurant or room service was very poor and the shuttle buses to the airport chaotic.
#963470 by ajlanghorn
09 Jan 2022, 14:47
I did a night at the TWA Hotel in November. I found pricing, in a runway room, on par with what I'd pay for a similarly convenient hotel at LHR. I paid £208 (approx.) for a night and, the night before, had done a stay at the Sofitel at T5 for £197.

It's convenient, being the only on-property hotel, and well-connected via the AirTrain. I landed in on VS to T4 and it took about ten minutes to get to the front door of the hotel. As someone else mentioned, it's also an Avgeek dream - and it ticked my boxes for old architecture, too!

The rooftop bar and pool overlooks the runway, too - even if it's cold, it's heated up there, and is well worth spending a bit of time up top. The hotel overlooks T5, so you'll see a lot of EK and JetBlue outside. My room overlooked two EK A380s and the runway was full of JetBlue. Had a good hour peruse with a coffee in the morning.

Be sure, too, if you do stay, to visit Connie, their '59 Lockheed Constellation. It's a bar now - you can just walk on. There's also a museum of TWA uniforms, the original designs for the hotel are around, too. And their coffee shop is Intelligentsia from Chicago, so it's not just rubbish beans. In the parking lot, too, there are some period cars.
#963471 by gumshoe
09 Jan 2022, 14:49
The TWA is the only on-airport hotel at JFK. All the others require a shuttle bus, cab or AirTrain ride.

As @ColOrd correctly points out, hotel shuttle buses are only allowed to drop off at the terminals, not pick up. To get one to your hotel you have to get the AirTrain to Federal Circle and catch it there. So while you might save a few $$$ compared to the TWA, it does involve extra time and hassle.
#963575 by locutus
15 Jan 2022, 21:10
I'm looking forward to trying out the TWA hotel in April. Let us know how it goes!

Usually I just get the LIRR about 5.30am but decided for a change for this trip, as it's my first time back on Virgin for years.
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